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The moment I was Lost.


Jesus, JESUS, I'm on my knees, forgive me for my sin Father. Wash me clean with the Blood of the Lamb... Wash me clean... Forgive me Father.

Fall to my knees and I thank you Lord, for giving me strength, everyday
O Lord I pray, if I should die my soul you'll take.

Set me free, from sin and pain, this mess that's trapped in my heart simulized, by the lies of the devil now my worlds all apart. But I Know.

I walk by faith and not by sight, I praise your name Lord that's right, into your hands I comment my life.

Save me NOW, O Lord, can you hear my O faithful plea, I see your
Son on this tree, bleeding he died for me.

My confession, Im a sinner and i want to be saved, resurrect me up from this grave, O Lord your name i praise.

Forgive me for all my sinning Lord, fill up my heart, ignite the spark that i need in my life to rebirth a new start.

Hear my cry, O Lord, O Lord I worship thee, right next to you on this tree, when you come remember me, I see the thorns, I see the wounds, I see the stripes on your back, I see the way the world reacts when the devil try's to attack.

But I see you standing strong, never doubting your faith, even though they punching your face, spitting making you out a disgrace.

That should be me standing there, getting what I deserve, instead its you putting down your life, so that mine can preserve.

FATHER! Who is worthy? Its by grace that we're all saved. Lets praise the Lord in JESUS name.

Lift your hands up touch the sky, wave your arms from side to side, let the Lord dwell in your life, wipe them tears from your eyes.

Bleeding from the cross, HE didn't die in vain. HE did, to release the majesty of the Spirit in your life man.

To overcome, to be more than you can already know, no eye has seen, ear heard what GOD has in store... UHHHH

For those that love HIM, I worship Christ for Life, giving the gift that's forever, living eternal life......


from Baptized, released February 27, 2013




Joseph The One

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